Announcing R2D2-CouchDB

· rust couchdb r2d2 concurrency

A couple of months ago – before I could bring this blog together – I published a new crate, r2d2-couchdb. And it was fun!

While learning Rust, instead of just play with it, I wanted to create something useful. And I’d like it to be something small, for I was still getting the hang of the language.

One of the other things I’ve been playing with in this learning journey is a generic connection pool, r2d2, which maintains a set of open connections to a database, handing them out for repeated use. I’ve used it to connect to Redis and PostgreSQL. It comes in nicely when you need concurrency.

As I’ve also been learning Apache CouchDB, I thought creating an r2d2 adapter for it could be a good learning experience. So I ended up with r2d2-couchdb, also published to the amazing!

Here is a usage example:

It was nice experience creating and publishing a Rust library for the first time. I hope it’s useful to the community.