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The name is Pablo Santiago Blum de Aguiar. A passionate software engineer from Brazil, he currently has fun working with great people at Kite-Consult GmbH in beautiful, calm, cozy Munich – and also cold at times.

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He started coding long ago, it all began when he was a kid. And since early 2000’s he’s been professionally developing applications for the web on Linux platforms in a wide range of stacks.

At 11, his late father taught him computer programming, on Pascal. He recalls some of his lessons and still applies some of it on daily work.

A coder at heart, a man who loves what he does and primes for readable, beautiful code, as long as it works and performs. He’s constantly improving his coding abilities and incrementing and refreshing his algorithmic arsenal.

Over the past ten years, he’s worked under the principles of agile software development – XP and Scrum – following the lean principles and best practices.

He’s a former proud member of News Feed team at, the Internet arm of Grupo Globo, Latin America’s largest mass media company.

It was awesome working at for four years in a great collaborative and challenging environment that constantly added a lot to his overall experience, promoted both professional and personal growth. He was fortunate enough to team up with exceptionally good software engineers to create three projects, across a multitude of stacks, built around the microservices architecture.


Besides a passionate software engineer, Pablo is a coffee aficionado and connoisseur. He brews his own coffee almost every morning with great pleasure.“It’s a great way to get my day started” he says. He also roast much of the coffee he consumes.

He appreciates a good reading, although most books have been technical lately. Very fond of Brazilian, American and Mozambican literature, he’s beginning to wander into Russian literature and can say he likes it. He also enjoys a well-written SciFi.

Other topics of interest are sports. Motorsport, baseball, tennis, basketball, american football, ice hockey, martial arts, swimming, even curling.

He loves his enchanting wife and also loves traveling and going to the movies with her. “Western, SciFi and Thrillers are the best” he adds.

When not reading, brewing coffee, biking around Munich and swimming in its marvelous lakes, you can find Pablo on GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter.

He’d love to read from you: [email protected]. His his verified GPG public key can be found at

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